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We Are! 2013: Update and Solicitation for Submissions

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As you can see from the below tracker, we're slowly inching our way to our goal of $35,000 over on the kickstarter for We Are! 2013.

I know we've said it before, and those of us involved with it will probably say it again, but this preview magazine that we're all incredibly excited about and motivated to bring to you, gentle reader, quite simply won't happen if we don't make our goal. In other words, it's up to you.

So please, once again, spread the word. Let all of your fellow PSUers know about our project, let them know how awesome we are and what kind of content we'll deliver. We appreciate it, because we really think we're pulling together something special, and it would frankly suck if we can't bring it out to you guys.


Now comes the part where you can help. We're still looking for some great, hi-res cover photos for our magazine when it gets funded. If you or anyone you know may have what we're looking for, please email either Jared or myself (our emails are in our SBN profiles) and we can touch base offline.

What better way to get your great PSU football work out there than a fan-funded preseason magazine? Oh, wait--there is none. Email us today. I will guarantee the winner cupcakes.