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Final Four Open Thread

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Wichita State vs. Louisville 6:09 p.m. CBS

Syracuse vs. Michigan 8:49 p.m. CBS

If you're like me, you had none of these teams remaining in your bracket. If you do- congratulations are in order. Also, who would have guessed that Michigan would be the sole B10 team to make it into the Final Four? They had an atrocious final two weeks of the regular season, but may be the hottest team throughout the tourney.

If these games don't hold your attention, spend some time at Chips Ahoy! did a fantastic job of curating highly entertaining videos, including historic moments from past NCAA tournaments, game analysis (including an interesting breakdown of how Rick Pitino out-coached Coach K in the Elite Eight), and plenty of fun videos, like a child President Obama making his bracket selections and the 40 most inspirational movie speeches mashed into a two-minute film. We don't typically participate with corporate pitches, but this website is definitely worth a visit.