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Success with Hyperlinking is Running Like Clockwork

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Enough of this boy band malarkey. This week's SwH is bringin' the RAWK back.

Warren Little

QUEENS BACK, Y'ALL: After six loooong years, Queens of the Stone Age returned to the studio and have finally completed their highly anticipated sixth album, entitled ...Like Clockwork. The record drops June 4th and includes the following awesome musicians: Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters) on drums (!), Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails), Jake Shears (Scissor Sisters), Mark Lanegan (Screaming Trees), and Elton freaking John (Elton John) of all people.

The above video is their first single, "My God is the Sun," and I have not stopped listening to it since it was released yesterday afternoon. It's so very desert-y and road trippy and I f%^&in' love it. So we're doing a QOTSA-themed SwH today. This place needed some fuzzed-out guitars anyways after last week's shenanigans.

No One Knows: Hey would you look at this, the Penn State football program has a quarterback controversy. Matt over at VBR discusses why this is nothing new, but under Bill O'Brien, it's nothing to worry about either. Let's face it, if BOB can mold Matt McGloin into Kerry Collins lite, he'd be able to scrape by with Sam Ficken at QB.

Suture Up Your Future: Onward State and have teamed up for the "Countdown to Blue-White" series, and their latest piece looks at the redshirt freshmen poised to contribute in 2013. A guy who blocked a punt in 2012 is their favorite to make the biggest impact:

1. Nyeem Wartman -- If things had gone according to plan, Wartman would not be in this group. He blocked a punt in the opener against Ohio and look poised to make an impact as a true freshman, but an ankle injury in Week 2 resulted in him receiving a medical redshirt. "I see a lot of athleticism in Nyeem," said senior middle linebacker Glenn Carson. "He's very physical, and I think he has a bright future for us." As the one redshirt freshmen fully expected to have a starting role, big things are expected from the linebacker this fall.

You Think I Ain't Worth a Dollar, But I Feel Like a Millionaire: Deadspin has a write-up on the news that while Penn State's overall donations dropped since "It" happened, the giving towards the football program quintupled. Barry Petchesky offers his theory on this drastic discrepancy:

In 2011-12 football received $9.7 million in donations, up from $2.1 million the year. This can presumably be attributed to donors angry at the railroading of the program, or at least those wanting to reemphasize their commitment to the Nittany Lions in the wake of Paterno's death. It's probably a safe bet that many of the donors who would normally make general contributions instead earmarked their checks specifically for football.

Make It Wit Chu: Spike Albrecht was the feel-good story of last night's national championship game, despite Michigan faltering down the stretch (aww, no transitive national title for us). The freshman, who didn't even average 10ppg as a high school senior, scored 17 points behind 4-5 shooting beyond the arc, and tried to continue his hot streak on twitter this morning:

This, boys and girls, is what we like to call a heat check.

Long Slow Goodbye: Looks like there'll be a little bit less competition for B1G hoops supremacy in 2013-14, as Indiana's Cody Zeller and Victor Oladipo appear set to take their talents to the NBA:

This doesn't come as a huge surprise, as both are expected to be lottery/mid-first round picks in a weak draft class. Zeller may have been the more likely of the two head back to Bloomington after a poor showing in this year's NCAA tournament, but apparently that's not the case. Oladipo will hold a press conference at 4pm today to declare his intentions.

Go with the Flow: The best GIFs of the NCAA Tournament, conveniently gathered by the mothership for your viewing pleasure, including Bruceweberface:


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