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Success With Hyperlinking Says Farewell to Our Scranton Friends

The lights of Dunder-Mifflin will be switched off for good this evening, as The Office wraps up its nine-year run. The show was never a true ratings juggernaut, but set the standard for many popular sitcoms today and will live on in heavy syndication long into the future. If you're one of many who checked out towards the end of the Michael Scott era, you may want to come back for tonight's finale. The writers seemed to have found their groove again in season nine, and even though it doesn't match up with the first few season it still has been highly entertaining. Enjoy, and stay away from Prison Mike. He's just bad news.

The Office Farewells: The Cast, Part 1 (via theofficeonnbctv)

McGloin Update Speaking of Scranton, Matt McGloin is officially an Oakland Raider. He will now battle our pal Terrell Pryor for a spot on the depth chart. Life sure is funny sometimes, isn't it? The Raiders are expected to have four quarterbacks for the start of training camp, which could lead McGloin to a spot on the practice squad in 2013 if nothing else.

Rap Game One of the top receivers in PA spurned the Nittany Lions in favor of Michigan State, but we won't have to worry too much about facing him on the field. That's because Jay Harris has decided to turn down a free ride to play for Sparty to instead focus on his career as a rapper.

Let's Go Pens This Penguins fan really wanted to make a sign to show his support, but apparently he did not have any posterboard or markers to make it happen. So he did what any of us would do in a similar situation by sculpting a sign using your own body hair.

Dr. Pepper Five-star cornerback Jabril Peppers is set to make his college announcement on May 26, which will be televised on ESPNU. Peppers will be on campus for an official visit to Penn State on Saturday, so hopefully Happy Valley makes a big impression on him.

A Golden Girl Indeed I'm sure you don't need a reminder, but we live in an utterly crazy world. The latest evidence: a nude portrait of former Golden Girls actress Bea Arthur has sold for $1.9 million.