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MMQB: Roadtrippin'

Let's take a journey out of Happy Valley!

Scott Halleran

It's the offseason and these questions are starting to become harder and harder to come up with. I woke up depressed this past Saturday morning that there was no college football on for the day. The withdrawal effects are finally starting to take their full toll.

Today's question plays into this withdrawal and is fairly open-ended. For lovers of all college football, I'm sure there are answers abound on the topic. Everyone has a dream college football roadtrip they would want to go on. Before their move to the SEC, I always wanted to go see Texas A&M take on Texas right after Thanksgiving in College Station with the huge bonfire pep rally (now an unsanctioned off-campus event) and everything that surrounded that game. Now that that dream is dead for the forseeable future, other choices include the World's Largest Cocktail Party (even though Georgia and Florida no longer play the game in a college stadium but rather at the Gator Bowl), Army-Navy and, as a reformed but still sentimental "Domer", any game in South Bend (preferably with them beating Michigan).

This week's question:

Which college football game would you want to go to that DIDN'T include Penn State? Take region, stadium atmosphere, tradition, etc. etc. into account.

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