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BSD Mailbag 5.24.13

You've got questions. BSD has answers.

Oli Scarff

Will McGloin make the Raiders' roster? -chicken cosmo
A year ago the notion of Matt McGloin making an active NFL roster seemed beyond ridiculous. Even after a spectacular senior season, it still seems hard to believe since McGloin doesn't have the size and arm strength that NFL teams desire. If you examine the roster, it may be best not to doubt McGloin this time around. The Raiders recently acquired Matt Flynn, last year's free agent QB of the moment who didn't even start a game after being beat out by Russell Wilson. They used a fourth-round pick on Arkansas QB Tyler Wilson, who has reportedly been stellar so far in mini-camp. Those two are all but guaranteed a roster spot, leaving the third-string battle between McGloin and our good friend Terelle Pryor. If Pryor is moved to another position, as many believe he eventually will, McGloin may just inherit that third spot on the roster if he continues to impress Oakland's coaching staff. Even if Pryor wins out and remains at QB, McGloin could be a likely candidate for the practice squad to give the Raiders a year to develop him as a legitimate NFL quarterback.

What's scarier, an angry JoePa or an angry BO'B? -Success With Honor Always
This may be the greatest question question in the short history of the BSD Mailbag, and it's a tough one. I never had the pleasure of meeting JoePa, but have been in the same room and corresponded with Bill O'Brien. Let me tell you, that man just exudes intensity. Even when he's calmly chatting about football and discussing games that are still several months away, you get the feeling that at any moment he's going to stand up, rip his shirt off and throw a trident directly at your soul. I would hate to be anywhere in his proximity on a bad day. With that being said, an angry JoePa is still more frightening than about anything I can imagine. If you don't agree, go back and watch the end of the 2002 Iowa game when he chased the refs into the locker room. He had a look in his eyes that I've never quite seen before, and I'm pretty sure smoke came out of his ears at one point. Those refs barely made it safely into the locker room, and probably stayed locked inside for about two weeks before they felt safe enough to come outside.

Do you believe the man you love is overfeeding you and making you fat in order to control you? -WorldBFat
I thought it was due to all of the stuffed-crust pizzas, KFC and Krispie Kreme, but now that I think of it, it probably is "the man" trying to control me. Thank you WorldBFat for empowering me to take control. You're the next Tony Robbins. Or Tony Shaloub. Or one of my 17 Uncle Tonys.

If a tree falls and no one is around to hear it, does Ohio State still suck? -PSUbaltimore
Of course. Always and forever.

How is Gilliam doing, injury-wise and with his conversion from tight end to tackle? -NittanySeaLion
Gilliam was overshadowed by Kyle Carter, Jesse James and Matt Lehman last season as they played a larger role in the passing game. But Gilliam was a key part of the offense and really excelled as an extra lineman, for all intents and purposes. He has spent the offseason bulking up and is now hovering around 300 pounds. Gilliam may not be a starter this fall, but will see plenty of playing time and will be depended on as a leader. Gilliam has unfortunately had to battle a few injuries during his time at Penn State, but has always been known as a very high-character student-athlete.

Can I give you my phone number? -ReadingRambler
Sure, but I will also need your social security and credit card numbers, along with your date of birth.

Where do you draw the line between tasteful and tasteless nudity, and how does that relate to Casual Fridays at the office? -MainLion
If you got it, flaunt it. It's always better than being an amorphous blob of khaki.

Have you ever seen a grown man naked? Full_Derp
Yes. I almost always look down in the shower.

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