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Only [SANCTIONED] Until Penn State Football

There are just 96 days remaining until Penn State kicks off on the 2013 season.

is teh suck
is teh suck
Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

While most Division 1-A teams run around with 105 players, Spider Caldwell can keep #96 tucked away for safe keeping. Perhaps it will get used in 2019. But as it currently stands, no one wants it, and there aren't enough guys on the roster to need it.

Of the 99 available jersey numbers, ole #96 might have the shortest history at Penn State. Everyone knows about #22 and #31. Number 77 has been worn by four different All-Americans; #74 by three. But #96 remains relatively anonymous.

The best known #96? That might be - in an entirely fitting bit of coincidence - Bob Jones, a defensive lineman from 1997 - 2001. Good luck googling a name like Bob Jones and getting a narrow set of hits. You're more likely to get a ghastly image of David Jones and Bob Flounders; no one needs to see that kinda stuff.

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