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Pickin' Nits Has No Idea What's Going On

There's only track and wut

Speaking of "no idea what's going on," it's Ed Hightower!
Speaking of "no idea what's going on," it's Ed Hightower!
Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

The only sport that's still happening is Track and Field. That means there's no room for me to make jokes about bad teams, no room for me to be a fanboy about good teams, nothing. I'm more hopeless than someone who still thinks "The Walking Dead" is a good show. At least "Arrested Development" is back, right?

For that reason, listen to "It Ain't Easy Being White Or Brown" by G.O.B. and Franklin as you read. Time to discuss sports teams.

Track and Field

  • Men's and women's track went to NCAA Eastern Prelims in Greensboro. Lots of stuff happened. Here's what happened.
  • WOMEN: Mahagony Jones, 6th, 100 M; Jones, 7th, 200 M; Marta Klebe, 26th, 1500 M; Brooklynne Ridder and Caitlin Lane, 23rd and 30th, 5000 M; Emily Giannotti, 39th, 10000 M; Evonne Britton, 10th, 100 M Hurdles; Kiah Seymour/Britton/Shelley Black, 5th/32nd/46th, 400 M Hurdles; Natalie Bower/Abbie Benson/Tori Gerlach, 8th/28th/46h, 3000 M Steeplechase; Seymour/Jones/Black/McGee, 3rd, 4x400 M Relay; Erika Morgan, 35th, high jump; Marlene Ricketts, 34th, triple jump; Rachel Fatherly/Jane Swenson, 24th/26th, shot put; Melissa Kurzdorfer/Fatherly, 12th/46th, discus; Kurzdorfer, 7th, hammer throw; Lauren Kenney/Laura Loht/Melanie Leszcynski, 1st/3rd/47th, javelin.
  • MEN: Brandon Bennett-Green/Bernard Bennett-Green/Aaron Nadolsky, 22nd/34th/36th, 400 M; Casimir Loxsom/Brannon Kidder//Ricky West/Ryan Brennan/Za'Von Watkins, 1st/7th/11th/14th/23rd, 800 M; Robby Creese/Tyler Corkedale, 7th/22nd, 1500 M; Sam Masters/Matt Fischer, 5th/25th, 5000 M; Be. Bennett-Green/Matt Gilmore/Loxsom/Br. Bennett-Green, 3rd, 4x400 M Relay; Sean Reilly/Jon Hendershot, 11th/16th, high jump; Brian Leap, 30th, triple jump; Will Barr, 18th, discus; Barr, 16th, hammer throw; Michael Shuey, 8th, javelin.
  • The Week Ahead: Track has the week off, so no Pickin' Nits next week. If anyone needs me, I'll be watching the new season of "Arrested Development" again. See y'all.

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