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Success With Hyperlinking Is Ready To Tee Off On Cancer

Penn State Hoops' Annual CVC Golf tournament is set to tee off on Friday.

Haters can't touch my golf game. -Pat Chambers
Haters can't touch my golf game. -Pat Chambers
Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

One of the highlight's of Penn State basketball's offseason every year is the annual Coaches vs. Cancer golf tournament. Not only is it a reunion of sorts for some of the program's the all-time greats, but they always raise a bunch of money for a great cause. The big hype this year is the all-star pairing of Bill O'Brien and Pat Chambers, who is participating in his first tourney after sitting riding in the cart last year after knee surgery. The tournament is on Friday, so be sure to check out some of the highlights or donate to the cause at!

More great causes! The 2013 Mary Kline Classic is at Philadelphia University this weekend. Penn State hoops signee Geno Thorpe will be participating for the 2nd year in a row along with many other former and current PSU recruiting targets from all over the East Coast. The high school all-star event is organized by teenage recruiting guru Alex Kline in honor of his late mother and all proceeds benefit cancer research. In an unrelated but still awesome cause, the Family Clothesline has a nice thing going to raise proceeds for Lift for Life with these slick Dri-Fit PSU shirts.

The new college basketball free agency continues to run train on #culture. While the spring signing period ended weeks ago, rosters continue to shuffle as every day brings a new transfer. Recently it was UNLV guard Katin Reinhardt who jumped ship after being a key starter as a freshman to an NCAA tournament. It doesn't make much sense, Gary Parrish at CBS writes. Meanwhile within the B1G, John Groce continues to land in the transfer lottery with his sixth transfer in two years, including four since March alone.

Go home, Rutgers, you're drunk. It seems like everything's gone downhill for the New Jersey institution after announcing their intent to join the Big Ten. Trying to climb out of the Mike Rice disaster has been a struggle to say the least. David Jones wrote another "it's all about the benjamins in college athletics" offering about the school and the bottomline of college athletic departments.

Arrested Development has returned. Personally, I have not caught any of the new episodes, but LGHL offered this gem in preparation of the release over the weekend....Bill O'Brien is going to be in MD soon recruiting to offer his best high school commencement speech....PSU engineering continues to kick ass after winning the EcoCAR 2 competition in San Diego.