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Report: New Lawsuit Against NCAA To Be Announced On "Costas Tonight"

Costas is revisiting the Freeh Report on tonight's show.

Patrick Smith

NBC spokesperson Adam Friefeld has told PennLive that a new lawsuit against the NCAA on behalf of the Paterno family and Penn State will be announced on "Costas Tonight" when it airs tonight at 11:00 p.m. on NBC Sports Network (later if Game 7 between the Red Wings and Blackhawks takes longer than expected). The lawsuit will be announced by Paterno family attorney Wick Sollers, former Pa. Governor Dick Thornburgh and Paterno family spokesman Dan McGinn.

Bob Costas is taking a second look into the Freeh Report and the subsequent Paterno Report after deciding that he did not have enough time to synthesize all of the assertions made in the former document while he was prepping for his role as lead commentator for the 2012 Summer Olympics. During his rush, he stated that Penn State should shut down the football program for a year as a result of the evidence that Louis Freeh's team presented. Knowing that he might have made a mistake, though, he decided to re-investigate the merits of the Freeh Report after the Paterno family released their report back in February. His new take on the subject was meant to be the focus of tonight's programming, but now it seems that the lawsuit will take precedence.

The Paterno family has been rumored to be filing a suit of their own against the NCAA for some time so their involvement in this new filing against the collegiate athletics body is no surprise. The fact that the suit is also allegedly being filed on behalf of Penn State is a surprise, however, as the school has repeatedly said that they do not wish to get into a legal battle with the NCAA. It is entirely possible that the university is not officially in the lawsuit as a plaintiff, rather that the Paterno family references them as having damage done to them as well.

UPDATE: Penn State has released a statement saying that they are not involved in any lawsuit that the Paterno family may be filing.

The University is not a party to any lawsuit against the NCAA that may be filed by the Paterno family. Penn State remains committed to full compliance with the Consent Decree and the Athletics Integrity Agreement. We look forward to continuing to work with Sen. George Mitchell and recognize the important role that intercollegiate athletics provides for our student athletes and the wider University community. Penn State maintains an unwavering commitment to excellence and integrity in all aspects of our University and continues to be a world-class educational institution of which our students, faculty, staff and alumni can be justifiably proud.

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