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BSD Mailbag 5.3.13

Happy Star Wars Day eve, everybody! May the fourth be with you...tomorrow, at least.

Which coach has it tough? Definitely not Coach Hixon.
Which coach has it tough? Definitely not Coach Hixon.

First of all,I know Jared answered it last week, but anyone who says that Mitch Hedberg isn’t their favorite comedian is patently uninformed. So, there.

Did Matt Barkley get much sleep last night?HBeach

I’d argue he probably got too much sleep the night after the first round…because not much else was gonna happen for him.

In a different world...If Bolden had come in as a freshman under BO’B/Charlie Fisher, where would his ceiling have been?—Mifflin Streak

I don’t know. We know how much of a freak Allen Robinson turned out to be, so how much of Bolden’s stats were him, or the talent around him?

I agree that his psyche was likely irreparably broken, but you can only blame so much on the coaching staff and their choices. Ultimately, it boils down to the player and his readiness/willingness/ability to play.

Are we putting too much faith in O'Brien?SWHA

I’m worried we might be, though I’m less worried today (right after the DC coaches caravan) than I was a few months ago.

Quite simply, we all really like him, like what he says and like what he’s done with the team…but he’s still new. He’s only been in Happy Valley for 15 months. He can say and do all the right things, but as much as I’d like to think we can, we truly don’t know yet if we can trust him. Fingers crossed that my pessimism is unfounded.

Which assistant coach has the hardest job going into this season?psualum9931

I’d say Anthony Midget by virtue of being the new man on the totem pole, but his position is arguably the deepest it’s ever been. I’d argue Vanderlinden because of depth, but come on—he’s Vanderlinden.

So, we’ll go with Charlie Fisher and his quarterbacks—the big question mark. If you have to ask why I’m picking him, I’m not sure we can be friends anymore.

Which license plate should a Penn Stater get? The Alumni Association Plate or the University Plate?—Smee

The Alumni plate. You can then donate the difference here.

Does Mauti think he is the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything? Or did Cari time travel and convince Douglas Adams to pick 42 as the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything because Mauti is that to her?—Former_DC_Buck

I would say both, but I’m not math/sciency enough for that. And, though I think of Mauti when I think of the number, I’d like to think that if Adams had any sports figure in mind, it’d be a slightly more widely regarded one.

Did you know that when it snows my eyes become large and the light that you shine can be seen?—WBF

Surprisingly, I did not. I did know, however, that that was not the best song on the Batman Forever soundtrack (suck it, haters!)

Mel Kiper: Great Hair or The Greatest Hair?—dbl5030

Ew, gross. Prefer this guy’s hair.

Why is it that when I wear my BSD gear, scantily clad women with loose morals don't throw themselves at me?—skarocksoi

Because you’re hanging out in the wrong places, my friend.

Why aren't my Arbor Day irresponsible drinking suggestions being met with enthusiasm?—WBF

Because it’s illegal to drink and drive.

Why did kamikaze pilots wear helmets?—PSUbaltimore

They were probably boy scouts. Plus, THEY WERE DASHING!

Why are people being lazy jackasses and not pledging to the We Are! 2013 Kickstater?—ska


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