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Success With Hyperlinking Is Getting Paid?


I had nothing to do with this, but the photo pool didn't have anything else Penn State hockey related so here I am!
I had nothing to do with this, but the photo pool didn't have anything else Penn State hockey related so here I am!
Rick Stewart

Since this tweet set the hockey world abuzz, I've been waiting for more information to leak out. Is it $2 million for each of the six hockey schools? $2 million split between the six hockey schools? Where is the extra money coming from? The BTN is airing 40 games this year; have ad rates been that lucrative for their hockey programming? Has sponsorship for the conference's new tournament filled the coffers? A benefit from adding Maryland and Rutgers TV markets? Will it spur additional schools to add the sport like Nebraska or Illinois or simply help adding a women's squad to more schools to create a B1G sport viable? Details have remained light, but this appears to be a gamechanger; how much so is still up for debate.

@bscaff joined Twitter? Game over: The NCAA seeing the writing on the wall of the impact of Ben has banned hashtags on the football field. The best reaction:

We never really liked hashtags on fields, but if the NCAA is getting rid of them, we love hashtags on fields like we love fried chicken.

Fortunately, the NCAA did approve sponsor logos on pylons. Good news is it guarantees a camera will constantly on the goal line. Bad news is those cameras will be useless for replays, because it's just a close up of the sponsor logo.

Head Trauma: Here's an interesting article highlighting Penn State's Center for Sport Concussion Research and Service, leading with the an anecdote about the Bob Stephenson/Daydrion Taylor hit in '97. Meanwhile, in completely unrelated news, at least football players are only hitting people and not home runs.

Something about apples and their proximity to the tree after decent: Deion Sanders, Jr.

Early brilliance: Barry Sanders' HS football film popped up in glorious VHS lo-def, scan lines and all. When video of the greatest running back ever makes an appearance, you damn well better watch it. I'd like to put a call out for the films of players such as Ki-Jana Carter, Aaron Harris and Rashard Casey, just to name a few. Who else would you like to look back and see?

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