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Success With Hyperlinking Is Making Off-Color Jokes

Non-lawsuit related miscellany for your weekend.

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In what seems to be a somewhat regular occurrence, Ohio State president E. Gordon Gee yet again managed to plant his foot firmly in his mouth. Managing to make jokes about a wide swath of people, he apologized. Fortunately, Jim Tressel is no longer at Ohio State to fire him, so he took some of the media wrath from the gall of the Paterno family to file a lawsuit against the NCAA.

Renaissance Woman - When she's not winning Outstanding Sportsmanship Awards, along with Nick Colella, organizing an anti-bullying group, playing basketball and, you know, graduating, Gizelle Studevent wrote a book too. Bridges went on sale at Amazon two weeks ago.

One million dollars - With a mere $300,000, just slightly more than last year's $110,000, Penn State's Uplifting Athletes will surpass the million dollar mark, chapter president Eric Shrive is optimistic they'll succeed. As SwH mentioned Wednesday, you can do your part here.

Drop the puck - Penn State Women's Hockey schedule released, for more in depth of the particulars here. While we're talking hockey I'll give a heads up to one of the few things ESPN manages to do well, 30 for 30 and their short film on Clint Malarchuk and the aftermath of sport's most gruesome injury.

#Culture - Penn State had 132 athletes named to the Academic All Big Ten team for the spring semester, raising the total to 296 Nittany Lions for this academic year. The dastardly football squad had 46 members earn a GPA of 3.0 or greater, 5 earning a GPA of 4.0, this spring. When will we learn?! Shut it all down!

"Get my daughter this college plan, so she don't need no man" - The daughter of Biggie Smalls attends Penn State.

MS Paint can do amazing things - The American Athletic Conference gets a logo.

Editor Emeritus - RUTS discovers the greatest attorney print ad ever, they will now be handling my suit against the NCAA

For your enjoyment, watch this year's Oscar winner now.

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