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For Your Viewing Pleasure

Finally, I can use BSD to shamelessly promote my videos. It's a dream come true!


Something that has become a hobby of mine over the last 4 or 5 years, has been making videos. So for the last couple of years, I have been making Penn State Football pump up videos. I don't claim to be a superstar movie maker (All I do is use iMovie, put in clips, add music, add some words and wallah boom (Good lord people)), but I think my videos have turned out to be pretty good. I've been asked in the past to teach someone how to use iMovie, so if any of you are interested in that, let me know I guess, and we can figure something out. So here is my newest video, for the 2013 season. On the sidebar on Youtube next to the video, there should be links to my videos for the 2012 season, and for the Ohio State game, if you're interested in viewing those as well. Or you could simply type in my username (nick.polak.51) and access all my videos that way (including some school projects that are not Penn State football videos). Hope you like it.

**Also, if you care, the song is "Richat" by Mark Petrie, which I just found out is used as trailer music for the last Twilight movie, so that's disappointing