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BSD Mailbag 5.31.13

Sorry it's a little late, guys (real life n'all), but this should hopefully get you through the weekend.

It's okay, Mike. I can move to Minnesota if you really want.
It's okay, Mike. I can move to Minnesota if you really want.
Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

First of all, let's all join together in a nice mocking of Jared. Haha, sucker.

Just kidding, you're awesome, thanks for letting me take a vacation, bro! Now that I'm back, on to my Qs to your As.

Pens or Flyers? Pittsburgh or Philadelphia?--blackjackfishtaco

Neither. DC, and the Caps. #boom

If you had to live in a rusty old Rust Belt city along one of the Great Lakes, would you choose Buffalo, Cleveland, Detroit, Rochester, or Duluth?--Rambler

Well, Poz no longer plays for the Bills, so that's out. And Cleveland has the misfortune of being located in Ohio. Detroit is kinda dead right now, and Rochester makes me think of old, boring romance novels. So, we'll go with Duluth; luckily, I really like the cold and snow, and everyone I've met from Minnesota has been super nice. Plus MAUTI NOW LIVES IN MN, NATCH.

Will we see names on the back of the jersey's again this year? Should we?--psuphysicist

Not sure if this was supposed to be a legit question or not, but I'd be very, very surprised if we don't see the names on the back of the jerseys. I'm okay with them throughout the sanctions years, but I'd like to see them removed after that--I'm not holding my breath on that one, though.

Ultimately, like Beach said, "Just keep winning games and graduating players at a decent clip..."

Who down there wants to meet the captain and feel sexy with him?--WBF

Well, Dracula called and he's coming over for you and I said ok.

...That's it, folks. Because there weren't a lot of questions to answer last week. But on a (sentimental) side note, I want to take this moment to thank all of you for your support in our kickstarter--in case you missed it, we made our goal on Monday, so the emag is a go. Our deadlines are fast approaching, so you may see a little less extra posting on BSD temporarily--but rest assured, it's cuz we're working hard on getting you guys a great product. Thanks again!

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