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MMQB: The Peach Bowl Is Back!

We're a little late talking about this....

Kevin C. Cox

....but as part of it becoming part of the six semifinal bowls of The College Football Playoff, the Chik-Fil-A Bowl is bringing back its old name, returning to its roots (with sponsor still attached) as the Chik-Fil-A Peach Bowl.

Corporate money has become such a big part of college football over past the few decades that bowls are now shells of their former selves when it comes to the tradition that they are entrenched in. There are bowls named after credit cards and banks and potatoes nowadays when they used to have better, more classics names.

Today's MMQB is a history buff question and one that should bring a lot of nostalgia to a lot of readers. If I had the time, I would go into the history of these bowls myself, but finals call. So, onto the question:

Which bowl game should be the next go back to its original name? (I say first because they all should do it)

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