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Oh, Hello: Nick Polak commits to Black Shoe Diaries

The BSD family expands yet again.

We've had a lot of people ask about the old Recruiting Roundup series, and we've heard you. On that vein, we've hired Nick Polak, a rising senior at PSU, to join the staff and focus, at least from the get go, on getting our recruiting coverage back on track.

Nick (version 2.0 on BSD) on himself, in his own words!

Hey everyone! My name is Nick Polak, and I’m the newest writer for Black Shoe Diaries! I’m an elementary education major who just finished up his junior year here at Penn State. I’m originally from Westfield, New Jersey, and have the most typical family you could possibly imagine (mom, dad, younger sister, and a dog). My mother is originally from Yakima, Washington, and therefore I have been raised a Seattle sports fan. So I’m sad a lot. But at least now I have Russell Wilson to sustain my being.

Growing up, I had no connection to Penn State. My first experience with it was my visit to the campus that consisted of my mother and I walking up and down Curtin Road, and me saying “Sure, I’ll go here”. However, I have always been very passionate about sports, both playing them and being a fan of them. So when I enrolled at Penn State, I immersed myself in Penn State Athletics. I’ve only missed one football game since my freshman year, I go to nearly all of the basketball games, and am one of the few, consistent baseball season ticket holders.

I started reading BSD last year, as well as all of my other now favorite SB Nation blogs, and have been reading ever since. The writing styles of everyone on the site are truly unique and entertaining, and they make the experience of reading about PSU Athletics all the more enjoyable. I hope that I’m able to capture your attention as well as they all do. I’m looking forward to continuing in Junny’s footsteps with the Recruiting Roundups, and I hope you all enjoy my writing!

Welcome to BSD, Nick!

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