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Oh, Hello: PA OL Noah Beh Commits to Penn State

Where's the beef? Here's the beef.

The dream of one day having an offensive set of 1 QB, 2 RB's, 4 WR's, and 4 TE's is dead. It's for the best I guess.


Noah Beh, ladies and gentlemen!


Home/HS: Scranton, PA/Scranton Prep
Height: 6'7"
Weight: 245 lbs

Recruited by: Mac McWhorter

Starz 'n Sheetz
Stars: 3* Rivals, 247 and Scout
Offer Sheet: Boston College, Colgate, UConn, Mayland, Massachusetts, Pitt, Syracuse, Temple, Virginia


The Tale:

Beh was listed as a Defensive End on most sites, but has been being recruited as an offensive lineman by Penn State for the entirety of his recruitment. His athleticism is pretty apparent in his highlight video above. His stats this past season were pretty impressive as a defensive end, racking up 70 tackles to go along with 10 sacks, according to Rivals. He's had a final two of Penn State and Boston College for some time now, and had been leaning both ways for some time. Earlier in May, he reportedly had somewhat lost contact with Penn State while Boston College pressed on, which led him to be somewhat of a lean towards BC. However, the last two weeks or so have been all Penn State, and his commitment this weekend was predicted by more than a few.


Being the only offensive lineman in this class so far (and he may end up being the only one), Beh will have ample chances to make an early impact. He's a big talent with a ton of upside, and is big in the literal sense as well. There's a very outside shot he could end up starting at RT opposite Donovan Smith next season if Adam Gress and Gary Gilliam fail to adequately replace Mike Farrell.

And of course, with those scholarship restrictions, it sure doesn't hurt to have someone who can play on both sides of the ball in a pinch, which based on his high school stats, Beh would certainly be able to do. O'Brien and McWhorter must be relieved to finally have picked up a lineman, and a good one at that.

Beh's commitment brings the class total to 10.

Welcome to Penn State, Noah!

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