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MMQB: Renting Out Beaver Stadium

Justin K. Aller

Last week, talks of the Philadelphia Flyers and Pittsburgh Penguins playing a game inside of Beaver Stadium made their way to the Internet with Associate Athletic Director Joe Battista saying that nothing more than exploratory plans involving no NHL teams are going on right now. As someone who attended the first NHL Winter Classic game in Buffalo in 2008, I can say without a doubt that outdoor hockey games are the best and I hope that this plan ends up going through at some point.

But, obviously, Beaver Stadium is a football stadium and there has been hope for years to play an NFL game in Happy Valley, more specifically, a game between the Steelers and Eagles. Filling 108,000 seats between the two rabid fanbases should be an easy task if it were to ever come to fruition. So, we ask....

Which would you want to see at Beaver Stadium first: Penguins-Flyers or Steelers-Eagles?

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