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Pickin' Nits Is Back

We're almost done with Bill making bad jokes and recapping non-revenue sports. Hang in there, everyone.

Bryn Lennon

Hey guys, how's it goin'? We're back after a one-week hiatus. My joy is only surpassed by Joey Tribbiani's joy when he heard the "Morning's Here" guy for the first time after taking his apartment back. Not much going on besides Track and Field at NCAA Championships in Oregon.

We need some tunes if we're doing this, right? Well, since I'm writing this at work and I'm looking at old covers of XXL, how about a little Kanye? "Dark Fantasy," anyone? Let's do this.

Track and Field

  • I'm sure you want to know how everyone did at NCAA Championships (ok, probably not, you're just here to go into the comment section and call me a jackass). Here's what happened:
  • WOMEN: Mahagony Jones, 16th, 100M; Jones, 10th, 200 M; Evonne Britton, 10th, 100 M Hurdles; Kiah Seymour, 11th, 400 M Hurdles; Natalie Bower, 15th, 3,000 M Steeplechase; Seymour/Jones/Shelley Black/Dynasty McGee, 14th, 4x400 M Relay; Melissa Kurzdorfer, 19th, Discus; Kurzdorfer, 18th, Hammer Throw; Laura Loht, 4th, Javelin; Lauren Kenney, 5th, Javelin. The team finished in 29th.
  • MEN: Casimir Loxsom, 2nd, 800 M; Brannon Kidder, 3rd, 800 M; Ricky West, 13th, 800 M; Robby Creese, 6th, 1,500 M; Sam Masters, 20th, 5,000 M; Bernard Bennett-Green/Emunael Mpanduki/Aaron Nadolsky/Brandon Bennett-Green, 14th, 4x400 M Relay; Sean Reilly, 19th, High Jump; Michael Shuey, 24th, Javelin. The team finished in 14th.
  • The Week Ahead: The team has a week off before USATF Senior/Junior Championships in Des Moines. So no Pickin' Nits next week. If you need me, I'll be watching the Flying Death Machine that is LeBron James. BE PEACE.

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