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BSD Meme Tourney: Sweet 16

BSD Meme Tourney: Sweet 16

Poser memes dropped out long ago - only the sixteen strongest BSD Memes remain. There are no easy match-ups from this point forward. Each meme needs to bring it to advance.


#1 Almighty Zug vs. #12 Fire JayPa

Zug has yet to break a sweat. Fire JayPa could be his next victim.


#2 Old Man Euler vs. #14 Scarecrow / Traffic Cone / Banana Peel

14-Seed Scarecrow, O-Line's proven to be this year's bracket buster, reaching the Sweet 16 by comfortable margins of victory. That's not the case with blue blood, #2 Old Man Euler. Everyone expected Euler to make it this far - but he did so only by the slimmest, 4-point margin over #10 Rick Neuheisel at the Corner Room in Round 2. Euler needs to step it up, or he'll be priced out of this tourney.

#1 Dismissive Wanking Gifs vs. #5 VaTech ELITE

It looked like Wanking Gifs had a stiff test in the first round, vs. Argyle, and again in the second, vs. HIT. Instead?


Now, Dismissive must face 5-seed VaTech ELITE. And though VaTech ELITE is a formidable foe, they really do not match up very well against Dismissive Wanking Gifs. It's as though Dismissive Wanking Gifs were designed to face down memes like VaTech ELITE. But that's why they play the meme contests. You never can tell.

#3 Emma/Blake vs. #7 MOXIE


Emma needs to get serious this round. She and Blake will need more than a wink and a smile against Moxie, who has been kicking every meme's ass, as retribution for the perceived slight of being a 7-seed. Moxie beat the tar out of 2-seed Douchea last round, 90 - 40.

#1 Flaming Bus vs. #4 PERSONAL ATTACK!

Like Zug, Flaming Bus has blown blowed out everyone. Next up, 4-seed Personal Attack. Maybe if Personal Attack tries to sneak up from behind....


#10 One Sentence Paragraphs vs. #14 Popcorn Gifs

The 'graphs are still causing consternation. Popcorn remains, as ever, sitting back, munching away.

#1 Jenn Brown, SO, Economics vs. #13 BBDS Defense

What a comeback. Last round, Jenn Brown trailed #9 Sounds Hot by 14 votes at halftime. She was still down 8 heading into the fourth quarter. Brown tied it up at the buzzer, and then pulled away in overtime to win by two. Incredible. But the BBDS Defense won't allow a comeback like that, so Brown better be ready early.

#2 BSDivas vs. #3 HOSS's

This. Will. Be. Awesome. Will a BSDiva go to HOSS's for a date night?


Come on. Maybe?


My Ballot Box
#1 Almighty Zug vs. #12 Fire JayPa

#2 Old Man Euler vs. #14 Scarecrow Traffic Cone

#1 Dismissive Wanking vs. #5 VaTech ELITE

#3 Emma/Blake vs. #7 Moxie

#1 Flaming Bus vs. #4 Personal Attack!

#10 One Sentence Paragraphs vs. #14 Popcorn Gifs

#1 Jenn Mutha F'ing Brown vs. #13 BBDS Defense

#2 BSDivas vs. #3 HOSS's

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