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An Interview with Michael O'Connor

Penn State's shiny new QB talked with me about his recent commitment

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Before we get started, do you guys like the format that I'm presenting these interviews in? Is there anything you would rather me be doing differently? Leave me suggestions in the comments, and I will respond with .gifs to show my feelings about them.

If you somehow don't know, QB Michael O'Connor is the newest addition to the verbally committed class of 2014, as was predicted by myself and my colleagues over in the 247 Crystal Ball. If you go to that link, and click on any player's name, you can see where the experts are predicting they will end up. If you click on my name, you will see the players for which I have made predictions for. Okay, shameless plug over. Now let's all sit around the campfire and hear what Mike has to say.

When your recruitment first started, was there anything specific you were looking for in a school? Did you have any ideas about where you thought you were going to end up?

Being from Canada, I really had no idea where I was going to end up, at first I barely knew that much about NCAA Div 1 football. I was looking for a great academic school with great coaches and a family atmosphere.

Was there a moment, or something that happened, that made you realize you wanted to come to Penn State? Or was it just a decision that you gradually came to a realization about?

Once they offered they were my favorite school and continued to be until I committed, always had a good feeling about Penn State.

Have you met any of the other current verbal commits in your class? Did any of them help nudge you towards Penn State? Have you been trying to persuade other uncommitted recruits to join you at PSU?

No I haven't met anyone else committed to Penn State but I should see many at the Penn State Football BBQ later in the month.

What do you think of the possibility of playing a game in Ireland?

That would be awesome. As you probably know, I come from an Irish background and I also like to travel so that would be nice especially with no bowl games for the next 3 years.

What are you most looking forward to about Penn State? In a football sense, and in a non-football sense?

Football sense just getting to meet all the players there and starting to build relationships and non football sense just being able to be a student at Penn State is awesome too.

Do you have any idea what you're planning on majoring in yet?


What is your favorite part of playing quarterback?

Being the leader of the team, being in control of the huddle.

What made you decide to enroll early?

I had enough credits to do it so I figured why not go to Penn State early and get a spring practice in as well as getting a jump on academics as well.

Have you talked to Christian Hackenberg at all? You guys are going to be together in State College for a while, are you excited to work with him?

Yes it will be great getting to know him and work with him, he's a great quarterback. I haven't got to meet him yet though.

Finally, because the readers of this site have a never-ending debate on this subject, how important to you are uniforms? Would you rather be running out in a new uniform every week like Oregon does, or the same classic look every week like Penn State does (Please don't feel obligated to say Penn State just because you're coming here)?

The more I see them, the more I like the Penn State uniforms. Keep them the same because there's no need to change them, but maybe have one week where we can throw on a different helmet or something.

Thanks, Mike. Hopefully we'll hear from you again soon.

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