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Oh Hello: Nikki Bowser Joins BSD

We are happy to announce Nikki Bowser as the most recent addition to the Black Shoe Diaries family. Many of you likely read her article on Drew Astorino that offered some interesting insight on the 2011 season, and how Drew and the fellow captains worked to keep the team together while everything was collapsing around them amid the horrific Sandusky scandal.

Nikki Bowser was destined to be a diehard Penn State fan from birth, when her father (class of ’88) attempted to name his firstborn "Nittany Lynn," (he tried this again when Nikki’s sister was born two years later). Her father has had season tickets for over 20 years and took Nikki to her first game when she was four years old. It’s been a head-over-heels love affair ever since. Her childhood was marked with tailgates and early Saturday morning drives to Happy Valley (complete with lots of Earth, Wind & Fire). Per "Uncle" Bill Wehrle, there was no music in the car on the way home if Penn State lost (but there was Pizza Hut), which made for entirely too many quiet four hour car rides from 2000-2004. She studies strategic communication and will begin her last semester of journalism school at Ohio University in the fall. She doesn’t believe in co-championships or vacated wins, and she counts Joe Paterno among her heroes. Her fondest memories are in Beaver Stadium, section NCU, with her father, her sister (class of ’16), Chuck Shambelan (class of ’86), and the rest of the family (all 110,000 of you).

Welcome aboard, Nikki!

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