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An Interview with Jared Wangler

The newest future member of Linebacker U is here for some questions


The 2014 linebacker commit out of De La Salle Collegiate high school in Warren, MI, answered some questions for us. There were reports of a late push from Michigan State, and since committing, he's picked up an offer from LSU, but he remains a strong verbal commit to Bill O'Brien, and his answers definitely reflect that attitude. So without further delay, Jared Wangler, ladies and gentlemen!

When your recruitment first started, was there anything specific you were looking for in a school? Did you have any ideas about where you thought you were going to end up?

When the process first started for me, I was just looking for the best fit for me both academically and athletic wise. I was going to see where I felt most comfortable. I really didn't have any idea where I was going to end up. I was just excited to check out some schools and see what was the best fit for me.

Was there a moment, or something that happened, that made you realize you wanted to come to Penn State? Or was it just a decision that you gradually came to a realization about?

There wasn't really a specific moment where I was like, wow I want to come to Penn State. I talked everything over with my family many times and it was clear that Penn State was the best fit for me.

Have you met any of the other current verbal commits in your class? Did any of them help nudge you towards Penn State? Have you been trying to persuade other uncommitted recruits to join you at PSU?

I haven't gotten the chance to meet any of the other commits yet in person, but I've talked to a few current players and fellow commit De'andre Thompkins.

Do you know anyone on the team now, or have you gotten to know anyone during your recruitment?

Yes, Allen Robinson. He went to high school at Orchard Lake St. Mary's, which is one of our rivals.

What do you think of the possibility of playing a game in Ireland?

I think it's an awesome opportunity and will be a really fun experience.

What are you most looking forward to about Penn State? In a football sense, and in a non-football sense?

I'm looking forward to a family oriented atmosphere and playing for such a great tradition. Also, I'm excited for everything that the university has to offer especially from an academic standpoint. I know I'll meet a lot of good people when I'm there.

Obviously Penn State is known as Linebacker U. Does just make it that much more of a positive for you, knowing that you will be part of the most storied position at one of the most storied schools in college football? Or is it a little daunting, knowing that to go down as one of the most famous linebackers at Penn State, you will have to find a way to have your name mentioned in the same sentence as Jack Ham, LaVar Arrington, Paul Posluszny, Michael Mauti, just to name a few?

I'm definitely excited to be a part of that tradition. I'm going to work my hardest every second of every day to make sure I carry on the tradition of Linebacker U.

What's your favorite part of playing linebacker?

The physicality that comes along with the position. I love to hit.

What do you consider as your greatest strength at linebacker?

My versatility. I can cover receivers as well as make plays in the run game.

Do you have any idea what you're planning on majoring in yet?

I'm thinking of majoring in kinesiology.

Finally, how important to you are uniforms? Would you rather be running out in a new uniform every week like Oregon does, or the same classic look every week like Penn State does (Please don't feel obligated to say Penn State just because you're coming here)?

Uniforms aren't a big deal to me. Oregon's flashy uniforms are cool and all but I definitely like the classic, traditional uniforms that Penn State wears.

Looking forward to seeing you at Beaver Stadium, Jared!

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