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BSD Mailbag 6.14.13

Mike Pettigano

While we’re all optimistic this season and expect O’Brien to continue being successful, how unsuccessful would he have to be for you to lose hope? Success With Honor Always
I do worry that expectations for O'Brien are unreasonably high, but he's done nothing at this point to merit any doubt of his abilities as a head coach. Things would have to deteriorate very rapidly for me to lose hope with this coaching staff. Based on everything he's done since being hired, I would give him a pass for losing more games than expected if it's due to injuries, depth, inexperience, etc. He would basically have to completely lose control of the team for me to lose hope- things like a lack of effort, poor conduct on and off the field, players and coaches bickering at one another, etc. From what I've seen, I'd say there's a .0000000000000000000182% chance of this happening.

Which players are you most expecting to declare early for the NFL draft? psualum9931
I don't think I'm anticipating anyone leaving early, since historically that's something that doesn't happen much at Penn State unless a player is guaranteed to go early in the first round. Players like Ki-Jana Carter and Aaron Maybin were even persuaded by JoePa to leave early and take advantage of the opportunity (although I'm sure he also threatened to hunt them down and give them a knuckle sandwich if they didn't eventually complete their degrees). Here are the guys that could be in the position to make the early leap, in order of likelihood:
1. Allen Robinson - He has all the tools to be a top ten draft pick. However, he did state in the offseason that he plans on staying at Penn State for the next two years, so hopefully that is the case.
2. Deion Barnes - Pass rushers of his caliber are always in high demand in the NFL.
3. Mike Hull - This all depends how his first season as a full-time starter goes. I truly believe he can be an All-American by season's end, so his stock could skyrocket as the season progresses.
4. Adrian Amos - Another guy whose stock could skyrocket throughout the season. Apparently, his natural position is safety so Famous Amos could make his presence known on a national level this season.

With all that being said, I hope all are Nittany Lions in 2014.

Am I handsome? Reading Rambler
We're all beautiful in our own way.

Is it possible to get the APR breakdown year-by-year? Former_DC_Buck
Sure, here's the data for Penn State Football:

2004 - 2005 957

2005 - 2006 960

2006 - 2007 964

2007 - 2008 976

2008 - 2009 974

2009 - 2010 972

2010 - 2011 971

2011 - 2012 961

The years listed are based on the academic calendar, so for example "2008-2009" would refer to the 2008 football season. You can use this link to look up APR records for any team at any NCAA school.

I hate Raymond, so why the hell do they continue to lie and claim everyone loves him? Success With Honor Always
You're asking the wrong guy as I never understood the popularity of Everybody Loves Raymond. I don't think I've ever watched a CBS sitcom outside of Becker. Historically, I'm more of an NBC sitcom guy- Seinfeld, Cheers, 30 Rock, Fraiser, Wings, Community, Parks and Rec. To each his own, I guess. My philosophy is that if you don't like something, just don't watch it.