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Episode V: The Meme Strikes Back

BSD Wentworth filed a complaint in the BSD Meme Scandal, seeking damages and injunctive relief from the NCAA sanctions.

AC Esq., BSD Wentworth, Lead Argylist
AC Esq., BSD Wentworth, Lead Argylist

BSD Wentworth, at once a meme, as well as a loosely associated pack of under-employed lawyers, bloggers, lawyer-bloggers, lawyer-commenters, and law students, today filed a complaint in Pennsylvania's Middle District, at 10:34am. The complaint alleged that the NCAA acted arbitrarily, and outside its own bylaws, in punishing Black Shoe Diaries for misconduct in its Meme Tourney, and alleged abuse of Breakfast Meats. It sought damages, as well as injunctive relief from the NCAA's sanctions.

That paragraph is written in past tense because, by 3:45pm, Judge Yvette Kane had read the complaint; heard arguments from both BSD Wentworth and the NCAA; and decided the complaint should proceed to discovery. She also granted immediate injunctive relief.

The BSD Meme Tourney will resume momentarily.

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