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An Interview with Chris Godwin

The Middletown, DE wide receiver caught up with me for some questions (Get it? I said caught, and he's a receiver)

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I've pretty much run out of things to say in these small blurbs before the interview starts, so onto the interview. Chris Godwin, 266th overall ranked player in the country and 1st overall in Delaware, according to 247 sports, answered my usual batch of questions for us. Here we go!

When your recruitment first started, was there anything specific you were looking for in a school? Did you have any ideas about where you thought you were going to end up?

When my recruitment first started I had no idea where I was going to end up. I had an open mind about the whole recruiting process so I was giving each school a fair chance and I was looking for a school where I could feel comfortable on and off the field as well as a school that had an offense that I felt like I could really do well in.

Was there a moment, or something that happened, that made you realize you wanted to come to Penn State? Or was it just a decision that you gradually came to a realization about?

I wouldn't say that there was one moment when I realized that I wanted to go to Penn State, it sort of came gradually through all of my visits and the whole recruiting process.

Have you met any of the other current verbal commits in your class? Did any of them help nudge you towards Penn State? Have you been trying to persuade other uncommitted recruits to join you at PSU?

The only other commit that I've met so far was Troy Reeder, but that's because I play against him during the season and we were both up at PSU at the same time. And I haven't tried to recruit other players but I would definitely help in any way that I can to help get us the best recruiting class that we can have.

Do you know anyone on the current team? Have you met anyone on it since your recruitment started?

I kind of know Kyle Carter a little bit and when I was on my last visit I got to talk to some of the WRs during spring practice.

There are a lot of talented receivers on the Penn State roster. Who are you excited about learning from the most?

I would say that I'm looking forward to learning from Coach Hixon the most, I feel like with his coaching and help from the other WRs combined I can really learn a lot and become better each day

What is your favorite part of playing wide receiver?

I think my favorite part about playing wide receiver is making big catches and scoring touchdowns. It really gets the fans excited and that's a great feeling.

(Follow Up) Nick: Have you had a chance to come to any games in Beaver Stadium yet? I assume you saw the reaction when a WR scored a touchdown, seems pretty awesome right?

Chris: Yeah, I was at the Ohio State game last year and the crowd was excited and going crazy. Making a big play in front of that fan base brings chills to your body.

What do you think of the possibility of playing a game in Ireland?

I think the possibility of playing in Ireland is exciting, not many people get to do that in their life. I think it would be a great experience for everybody involved.

What are you most looking forward to about Penn State? In a football sense, and in a non-football sense?

In a non-football sense, I think I'm looking forward to getting a good education, meeting new people, and enjoying campus life in State College. In a football sense, I'm looking forward to playing for Coach O'Brien & Coach Hixon and becoming the best player that I can be. Also, I'm looking forward to working with the team and becoming a family and playing in Beaver Stadium.

Did you enjoy the recruiting process? Was it cool getting constant attention from coaches/players/guys like me looking for interviews, or did it get to be a little much after a while?

Yeah, I really enjoyed the recruiting process for the most part. Growing up a huge football fan you really want to be someone that's highly recruited and gets many offers and it just felt really good and just made me want to work harder so I can keep getting better.

Do you have any idea what you're planning on majoring in yet?

I think I may major in psychology, or sports management, but I'm not completely positive on that right now.

How important to you are uniforms? Would you rather be running out in a new uniform every week like Oregon does, or the same classic look every week like Penn State does (Please don't feel obligated to say Penn State just because you're coming here)?

There's no doubt uniforms are a big part of what players like in football today and I'm a big fan of nice uniforms and I used to think that I would like to be a in a new uniform each week, but as the recruiting process went along and I really started looking at things, I realized that I didn't need to be in a new uniform each week and Penn State's uniforms are classics and are great uniforms as well.

Thanks, Chris!

/waits for commenters to tell me I'm egotistical for talking to myself (editor's note: you're egotistical for talking to yourself--CG)

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