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MMQB: #DoWorkPat

But is that work enough in your eyes?

Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

Allen Roberts (transfer).

Jordan Dickerson (transfer).

Mike Watkins.

Shep Garner.

Over the past two weeks, Pat Chambers has brought four guys into the Penn State basketball program. Two of them are transfers. Two of them are big men. Two of them are from Philly. One is a Rivals 125 kid. They represent three different classes (if you consider Roberts a part of the "2013 class"). And a certain buzz around Penn State basketball is back.


For those who dissented against Chambers at the end of the year, has his recruiting streak changed your opinion at all? For those firmly entrenched in the Chambers camp, do these commitments heighten your regard for the coach to higher levels? For the tweeners, what more do you want to see from Chambers (i.e. putting it all together on the court) to have you full-bore on the #DoWorkPat team?

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