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Only Brian Gaia Until Penn State Football

Brian Gaia on the sidelines of the Semper Fi All-Star Game
Brian Gaia on the sidelines of the Semper Fi All-Star Game
NewJackCity/BSD User

One of the Dirty Show's finest freshman takes spot number 72 on our countdown to kickoff!

Brian Gaia was a consensus three-star prospect . . . at offensive guard. When he came to Penn State, he immediately ended up under Larry Johnson's tutelage at defensive tackle. Last year, Gaia redshirted and paid his dues as a charter member of Bill O'Brien's scout team, the Dirty Show. We didn't see him, but he must've done a pretty decent job - after all, Bill O'Brien mentioned him by name at a press conference this spring.

Then we've got some younger guys there: Austin Johnson, who we think has a chance to be really, really good player and hopefully sooner rather than later, but he's had a really good off season and comes from a great family. He's just a really good kid and we are really glad that he's on our football team. We think that he can have a bright future. Then we have got Derek Dowrey and Brian Gaia, two tough guys that gave us a lot of problems on the Dirty Show (scout team) last year.

Good luck this year, Brian!

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