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Success With Hyperlinking Loves Marshmallows

I can't be the only Veronica Mars fan on BSD, right?

Only 79 days til the lots look like this again...
Only 79 days til the lots look like this again...

Filming started this week, btw. And I can't wait! Onto the links...

Just some guy, you might have heard of him. Fox has a great write up of Michael Mauti, and his path to the Vikings this year.

Those knees are the only reason he was there for the Minnesota Vikings at pick No. 213, the first of three seventh-round picks by Minnesota.

"I really tried to go into this draft without expectations just because I understand my situation medically," Mauti said. "(The draft) got more and more difficult as time went on, but I couldn't be happier to get picked by such a great organization."

Of course, Mauti wasn't the only one that it was difficult for...But I think most of us are happy with how it turned out (especially Gerald Hodges).

Philanthropy, thy name is Penn State. Everyone knows about Thon and most on BSD know about Lift For Life (donate to Garry Gilliam, if you haven't already!), but there's another charity event that recently raised decent money in Happy Valley:

The Penn State men's lacrosse program recently donated $2,940 to the Wounded Warrior Project...The Nittany Lions sold Wounded Warrior t-shirts at the St. Joe's game for $20 apiece with all proceeds going to the Wounded Warriors.

When all the shirts weren't sold at the game, boosters made sure they were sold shortly after. That's what being a Nittany Lion is all about! #culture

Oh, Bruins...In case you missed it, there was a little ado this week when the UCLA twitter feed tweeted a picture of their own "Linebacker 'U'". There's a fanpost up over at the SBN Bruins blog Bruins Nation on this issue, and while I definitely agree with the poster that it's a worthy goal, they seem more upset and surprised that Penn Staters thought it was a ridiculous comparison than most PSUers I've seen were.

Also, I know we'll get comments like the one on this article for an undefined amount of time, but when your default to this is essentially "nah nah nah, I'm not listening to anything any Penn Staters say because SCANDAL and they shouldn't even have football"? Last I checked, we're all fans on SBN, and none of us (PSUers or UCLA fans, or PSU or UCLA players, or current PSU or UCLA coaches) had anything to do with the scandal. But, of course, I'm a Penn State grad, so I'm not allowed to have an opinion on anything because child abuse and culture.

At least there won't be copious amounts of gunfights. The Al Pacino-starring, Brian De Palma-helmed movie about Joe Paterno is still a go, and more details are emerging:

If there was every any doubt that the Sandusky scandal wouldn’t be at the forefront of this movie, Pressman cleared that up, saying that Sandusky will "play a major part in the film."

Um...awesome (not so awesome).

Quick sports hits...Our friends over at VBR have been counting down the top games for 2013, and they have Michigan at #1...Lions 247 breaks down the Top 10 PSU football impact true freshmen...PennLive has their own question of the week: how will Zach Zwinack perform this year?...National Football Post power ranks the conference, and PSU is number seven...Pat Chambers' momentum on the recruiting trail continues...The first Nittany Lion D1 men's hockey recruit won't see the ice in University Park...Penn State is firmly in the Top 5 in the Director's Cup.

Quick hits (non-sports)...The fate of PA State Senator Jake Corman's lawsuit against the NCAA is up in the air...Holly Swanson conducted a poll on State after the scandal, and the results are basically unsurprising...Gary Schultz and Tim Curley lost their second appeal on the charges surrounding the scandal.

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