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BSD Mailbag 6.21.13

A few Qs, a few As. It's Friday, everybody!

Mike P


Why isn't Cari doing the mailbag?—No.21

Aw, you like me! You really like me! Well, I’m back, even if you don’t.

Who will have more total yards this season: ZZ, BB or Lynch? The key being "total".—scrlion

I’m going to assume in this scenario that all three RBs stay healthy all season; here’s my scenario for how each would get the most total yards (in alphabetical order):

Bill Belton: If he gets the most touches, it’s because he’s had plays designed around his playmaking ability. He’d be used in multiple packages out of the backfield and out wide, potentially even in a wildcat situation a la OSU ’11, and would develop a great rapport with whomever the quarterback ends up being. Also, taking into account potential kickoff return yards, BB having the most compared to the other two isn’t as crazy an idea as it might have looked at first.

Akeel Lynch: The RS frosh will be, as so many have pointed out, the lightning to ZZ’s thunder. I’m expecting him to be shifty and electrifying once he gets into space. Let me say that again: once he gets into space. I’m just not sure that the line will hold up all season against every team (and the vaunted lines of OSU, Wisconsin and Michigan) in order for that to happen…which brings us to the final candidate.

Zach Zwinak: The beauty in Zach’s running is that he’ll get yards after he’s popped. I can’t count the number of times that I thought he was down, only to gain 4-5 more yards. He’ll be the #1 guy out of the traditional backfield, and will wear down opposing lines for the other two (like he did versus Northwestern last year). He also can be a threat on screens, and has proven decent in pass protection and quarterback awareness (going back to the QB to catch a quick pass rather than allowing him to take a snap). I really think the only two things that will slow ZZ down this year would be injury, or lack of progress on the butterfinger front.

With all that, I’m going Zwinak.

Can we all agree that Wings was criminally underrated? Also, Becker? What in the.—ska

Yes, and yes. The end.

I am interested in some DC area restaurant recommendations… Any type of cuisine works. What’s good?--WBF

I’ve lived in the DC area on and off my whole life, so this was quite prescient of you. I really like Clyde’s like Former_DC_Buck suggested; there’s a number of locations around the area. Recently, though, I’ve gotten into Founding Farmers (the one I’ve gone to is in Kensington) and Not Your Average Joe’s (North Potomac). I’m also a big fan of tapas; the two good ones are La Tasca (their fried eggplant with manchego sauce is amazing, and they have a wide array of sangria; they’re downtown by the Verizon Center, and in Rockville) and Jaleo (their chorizo with garlic mashed potatoes is really good; they’re downtown by the Shakespeare Theatre’s original location, in Arlington and in Bethesda—but they’re more pricey and upscale than La Tasca). For sushi, Momo in old town Alexandria is good (as jtothep can attest). And, also, if you’re ever as far north as Frederick, definitely hit up Dutch’s Daughter for their Sunday brunch, and Brewer’s Alley for their sweet potato fries and a variety of their own brews.

If you're beautiful, will you send me pictures of you?—Rambler

If that’s a quote, I don’t get it. So I’ll just say stop being creepy, dude (and my avi is a picture of me).

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