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Success With Hyperlinking is Down in the Valley


A little Otis Redding to get you through your Wednesday (via PerryCoxPF93)

#TEAMBOBSLED The Penn State community is still a fractured group, but we can all pretty much agree we're fortunate to have someone like Bill O'Brien in charge. The man took over an impossible situation, and somehow manages to keep saying and doing the right things time after time. It's becoming a regular occurrence for people to take notice that O'Brien is the right man to continue the high off-the-field expectations for anyone who wears a Penn State uniform and that there may not be another coach out there who can handle this post-scandal minefield quite like he can.

Doing that Tweedle-Dee and MyFace and Making the Interwebs Do a Google Our friends at Big Apple Buckets produced a very insightful breakdown of the Twitter habits of major college basketball coaches.

Scholarships for Specimens You know all of the outrage when the Lane Kiffins and Les Miles of the world offer a scholarship to an eight-grader? Well, Vanderbilt Head Coach James Franklin has upped the ante by making scholarship offers to children before they are even born. In fairness to Franklin, it's more of an attempt to interact with the community and get the word out about the Vanderbilt football program.

In the Year 2525 The B10 bloggers at ESPN take a look into their crystal ball to prognosticate on the future of each program, including newbies Rutgers and Maryland. Let's just say no one is expecting much out of Maryland for now. Penn State loses a few spots in the rankings because of concerns of scholarship reductions and the new possibility of joining the ever-spinning national coaching carousel. If you're OK with clicking on an ESPN link, check out this post that includes perspectives of Penn State fans on who they would like to see added to the non-conference schedule.

The End is the Beginning is the End Our dear friends at the NCAA seem to be on shaky ground, and the time for it to fall like a house of cards may be upon us. The New York Times and Mother Jones state their cases why the NCAA as we know it may soon go kaput.

Commence Dumpster Fire Speaking of the NCAA, they finally got around to announcing the results of its investigation into Oregon's major recruiting violations. The totality of sanctions leveled against the Ducks? A reduction of one scholarship each of the next two seasons.

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