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The Final Pickin' Nits of 2012-13

Track and Field had their last meet of the year, and Bill is basically Brandon Roy

Ronald Martinez

What do Brandon Roy, the man pictured above, and me have in common? Both of us are announcing that this is the end this week. There are plenty of differences between us (most notable: I scored two more points than he did in my rec league game this week), but that one similarity is all that matters. I'M PRACTICALLY MY FAVORITE BASKETBALL PLAYER OF THE LAST DECADE, YOU GUYS.

There are many songs we could go with today: "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)" by Green Day, "Play Crack the Sky" by Brand New, "When It's Over" by Sugar Ray, "It Ain't Easy Being White or Brown" by G.O.B. and Franklin, that song at the end of every episode of "Out of the Box." Pick one. Let's finish this.

Track and Field

  • Several members of the track and field squad made their way to Des Moines, Iowa for USATF Senior/Junior Championships. Only a few people competed in the finals. Since we at BSD only accept people who are winners (*insert joke about how hiring Nick Chris shows otherwise here*), here are the people who competed in the finals of various events. All athletes competed at the junior level.
  • Men: Michael Shuey, 6th, javelin throw.
  • Women: Tori Gerlach, 4th, 3,000 M steeplechase; Rachel Fatherly, 5th, hammer throw; Laura Loht, 5th, javelin; Fatherly, 16th, discus.
  • The Week Ahead: Track is done. Sports are done. I am done. *SNL Closing Theme* I'm moving to Peru for six months to find myself. See y'all in the fall. Go USMNT.

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