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Only John Urschel Until Penn State Football

Mike Pettigano

Let me tell you a little story about a man named John.

He came to a town called Happy Valley iout of Williamsville, NY, a 2-3 star player, and proceeded to succeed both on and off the field. He graduated with a BS in math less than three years after coming to college, and got his Masters (with a 4.0 gpa to boot) in the same field this spring. He eschewed opportunities to go to Ivy League institutions, instead deciding to balance his love for academics with his love for big time football, arriving at Penn State in 2010.

To say it's paid off would be an understatement.

Urschel was named a first team All-Conference offensive guard this past year, and has already popped up on numerous preseason all-conference lists. He's been a three-time All-Big Ten Academic honoree, and has even published academic papers in prestigious trade journals. Despite all of this, he remains humble, grateful, charitable, kind and incredibly articulate (seriously, check out his twitter feed. It will make you reexamine all grammatical and spelling mistakes you've ever made on social media in your life).

In short, it is men like John Urschel who make me proud to be a Penn Stater.

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