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BSD Mailbag 6.28.13

You've got questions, BSD has answers.

Jeff Zelevansky

What's the over/under on games Christian Hackenberg plays in? Success With Honor Always
This is such a tough one because the number will likely be 12 or zero. If he does get playing time in 2013, it will be meaningful snaps either as a starter or taking the reigns due to injury or ineffectiveness at the quarterback position. Don't expect to see him trot out for garbage time possessions in a handful of games as there really is no reason to burn his redshirt unless they need him out on the field.

How much booze will be at the "We Are" tailgate? And how drunk can I get before you kick me out of it? Ti_Gr5_6AI_4V

We will be ironing out the logistics of the tailgate once We Are! 2013 is published. In the meantime, I can tell you that an ample amount of booze will likely be available and that you can get as drunk as you'd like, as long as you keep your clothes on and don't get us all kicked off the property.

Why isn't WBF doing the mailbag? Ti_Gr5_6AI_4V
This action would pretty much be openly welcoming the apocalypse.

What is your favorite Sopranos episode (or movie featuring James Gandolfini if you've never seen the show)? Success With Honor Always
Sadly, I've only seen one or two episodes of The Sopranos. It's a show I've always wanted to watch, I just haven't had the chance to get started. I love HBO dramas, so it I'm sure will happen one day.

As far as his work on the silver screen, I'll go with True Romance. If I put together my list of favorite movies, this would definitely be in my top ten, if not top five. It's a tightly-written, fast-paced flick with so many twists and turns that it's enjoyable after many, many viewings. If you've never seen it, I'd highly suggest blocking off two hours between now and football season. Regardless of your taste in movies, you'll find it very entertaining.

I also got around to seeing Zero Dark Thirty earlier in the week. A highly-engaging movie that certainly lived up to the hype. It will stick with you after the credits, especially the first half-hour (actually, the whole damn thing will stick with you as a reminder of the crazy world we live in). Gandolfini didn't have a huge role, but was great as always. In fact, he did such an amazing job I didn't even realize it was him until the movie was over.

What is your preferred summer drink? What beats the heat but doesn't get overly sweetening or filling? Success With Honor Always
Great question. In fact, it's such a great question I don't have an answer for you. If I'm sitting on the beach, a tequilla sunrise or mai tai always hits the spot. However, they just don't have the same affect when I'm sitting in a bar in the Midwest. I usually stick with beer, and have a hard time this part of the year because I much prefer the fall and winter seasonals. Fruit beers are OK, but I have a hard time finding ones I enjoy, and even when I do I tire of it very easily. For instance, I enjoy Sam Adams Cherry Wheat from time to time, but when I'm not in the mood for it, it tastes like Kool-Aid mixed with Children's Robitussin. I did try a Horny Goat Watermelon Wheat recently and found it very tasty- but I'm sure my opinion would be different had I ordered a second. I'm sure I'll try a few other similar beers throughout the summer, but I usually end up with one of my standards that always hit the spot regardless of the season.

Why doesn't Marion Barry have some type of "dictator for life" thing going on? Reading Rambler
If you can get elected as mayor of one of the world's most important cities after being caught on video smoking crack, you obviously have some type of "for life" title.

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