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MMQB: Ireland Is So Last Year

Notre Dame and Navy already did the whole Ireland thing. Where else could Penn State and UCF go?

J. Meric

As we wrote about on Saturday, it appears inevitable that the 2014 matchup between Central Florida and Penn State will be taking place in Ireland. And while it's cool that the Nittany Lions may get to travel to some exotic place to play a game since we still have three bowl-less years staring us in the face, does anyone else feel that it's kinda lame to piggyback off of what Notre Dame and Navy did last year?

The world is a big place. Hell, the U.S. is a big place. Neither Penn State nor UCF have the same "Irish" connection that Notre Dame did to their game this past year, so why was Ireland the place to be picked? A game at Wembley or going to Australia or Japan or even playing a neutral-site game somewhere in the south or midwest gives just as much excitement to a team and fanbase that is yearning for something different and exciting when it comes to scheduling.


Do you think Ireland is the best place for this game to be played? And, if not, where would you think a better spot would be?

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