Lift for Life Sponsorship

It's that time of year again when we choose as a group to throw our support behind one Penn State athlete for Lift for Life. It used to be an incoming freshman who inspired us for some reason, but they can no longer participate. Last year we raised money for John Urschel, Mr. Mathmeetsfootball himself, based on his outstanding academic achievements as well as his play on the field (see last year's post for more info: So who is it going to be this year?

Jesse James - the outlaw WR

Sam Ficken - our beleaguered place kicker

Wendy Laurent - because Nick says he's the most bad ass dude to walk the earth

Michael Hull - the next outstanding linebacker from Linebacker U

Garry Gilliam - the man who faced so much health adversity and has really dedicated himself to the team (switching to OT from TE)

Zack Zwinak - for his breakout 1,000 yard rushing season last year

Adrian Amos - the man who wreaks havoc in the secondary

Other suggestions are welcome as well. I'm not including Ohio State Sucks as poll option, but we know it's true anyway.


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