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We Are! 2013: Editor Roundtable

Now that we're a go, we need your help again--but this time, it's a fun kind of help, and your wallet won't take a hit.

Mike Pettigano

Amongst all the other awesome features we'll be having in our e-magazine will be a roundtable for the editors of We Are! 2013...and here's, once again, where you all come in.

What are some topics or questions that you guys might have for our editorial staff? We're talking at least semi-serious football stuff here; keep the inanity to our weekly mailbag, if you don't mind.

Some topics to consider are:

Confidence level in the current staff

Breakout players on offense or defense

PSU's recruiting class and how it ranks among the conference

What one thing can derail the 2013 season?

What's the biggest X-factor this year (besides QB)?

Editorial take on divisional breakdown

Editorial predictions on the season's record

We'll pick the best four responses and choose those; the rest we'll likely tackle in one of our weekly mailbags, closer to the publication of the e-mag. Thanks in advance for your input!

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