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Nate Cadogan Leaves Penn State Program

The rising-fifth year senior has decided to move on to greener pastures.


According to BWI, versatile backup lineman Nate Cadogan has decided not to return for the 2013 season.

Cadogan played 3 different positions during his time at Penn State, filling in wherever the coaching staff needed him. Originally recruited as an offensive lineman, Cadogan moved to tight end in 2010 back when the Nittany Lions didn't have a half-dozen talented ones, returned to the offensive line this past season, and was preparing for a shift to defensive tackle during this offseason. Larry Johnson was probably counting on Cadogan as part of his always-deep rotations at DT, and was batting Austin Johnson, Kyle Baublitz, and others for playing time next to DaQuan Jones.

Cadogan will be best remembered by fans for catching a touchdown in JoePa's 400th win against Northwestern [Ed. note: just like Jumbo Elliott! Suck it, Chad.]. As @EvilBillOBrien so aptly pointed out...

Some may wonder whether this was a roster management move to cull the dead weight and get under the scholarship cap. However, Cadogan's departure really doesn't have any ramifications on that count.

Since Nate would have been graduating after this season, the extra scholarship his departure created will only count towards this upcoming season. However, if you recall the article from Ben Jones last month about Penn State potentially starting its scholarships restrictions a year early, you'll remember that Penn State can appeal to the NCAA to start that aspect of the sanctions ahead of time. At the time of that column, Bill O'Brien was down to 67; Cadogan's vacating scholarship makes it 66. It is yet to be seen if that is the plan, and while it would be perfectly logical for the NCAA to play along, we are indeed talking about the NCAA.

Nate graduated this May, with a degree in rehabilitation and human services. We wish him all the best in his future, and thank him for being a valuable member of the team for the past 4 seasons. Good luck, Nate!