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BSD Mailbag 6.7.13

Jared and I are switching it up, so you're stuck with me for a second week in a row! Suckers.

for Rambler:

Is Barbara Allen truly hard hearted?--RR

Because she, typically, expresses some regret at her life choices, I'm going to say no. After all, with the benefit of hindsight, we all have things we'd do differently, no?

What will the impact of our scholarship numbers have on 2014-17?--misdreavus79

The disseminated "en vogue" answer (from the Penn State faithful, at least) is that it won't have much impact, because O'Brien is so used to dealing with a smaller roster in the NFL.

That's fallacious.

I think we're seeing the impact already in recruiting; we're getting versatile guys that can plug in at many different positions, on either side of the ball. And though, especially with injuries, we may have an idea of the impact of the reductions within the next few years, the full extent of the impact probably won't even be known during those seasons, but rather after the sanctions are over--if O'Brien is still here--so we can compare what an O'Brien-coached PSU team looks like with a full complement of players, versus roughly 65.

Long story short...I have no clue (though common sense says if we can stay relatively healthy, and have fewer guys leave, it will be lessened). But it will definitely have an impact.

Will the NCAA count Walk-ons against the scholarship limits if they were recruited?--Former_DC_Buck (questions paraphrased by yours truly)

In a nut shell, yes. If a run-on meets one of the NCAA's four definitions of being recruited, accepts any sort of financial aid from the institution or any other outside academic award, then plays in a game--they are counted towards the limit.

This is news to me, as I researched it in answering this question...and it sucks quite a bit, to be frank. Audrey Snyder over at Penn Live goes into a lot more detail in an interesting read about the rules surrounding this topic.

What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?--No.21

As Smee indicates, that depends on if the swallow is African or European. This link has a lot of actual, you know, science trying to actually figure out the answer to that age-old Holy Grail of questions, but I'm no king, so I'll just stick with my Life of Brian, thank you very much.

After all, we're all individuals and different (except for me).

Lastly, psu1313 assumed I'd been to the Phyrst and asked if I'd had a certain phrase chanted at me. I'm sad to say that, while I know for a fact I've been to the Phyrst (only on a handful of occasions), each time I've been I've been so, let's just say, out of it that I couldn't even tell you what it looks like inside. So...maybe? My bars of choice during my time in SC were the Saloon (nearly every week, and I've passed that onto the next generation--shoutout to my brother, who works the door there!) and Cafe. During the day, there were $2.50 Yeunglings at SportsCafe (RIP), and Mad Mex (for the $5 margs, natch) was the next of my staples. See PSU_Buch's fanpost for more on this topic from the community.

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