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MMQB: Hypothetical Future Realignment

It's July 1st and the world of college football has been warped. What if we did a little more warping?


Welcome to the ACC, Pitt and Syracuse and Notre Dame.

Welcome to existence, American Athletic Conference.

Goodnight, sweet football-playing princes of the WAC.

Now, that it's July 1st, the landscape of college football has changed with teams switching conferences and entirely new conferences (if you want to think about it that way with the AAC) popping up. And while the Big Ten just added Maryland and Rutgers in the past year and will welcome them into full competition in 2014 and Michigan State AD Mark Hollis came out last week and said that realignment has stabilized and that he doesn't see the Big Ten adding any other teams for awhile, common thinking would tell most that the age of four 16-team power conferences is inevitable.

Schools such as Virginia and North Carolina and Kansas and Georgia Tech and Florida State and even Texas have come up as possible Big Ten targets since the expansion powderkeg had its fuse lit in 2010. Some have been sought due to their athletics, some due to their academics, but all of them due to the potential widening of the Big Ten's footprint and, hence, television markets.

For today's question:

If the hypothetical 16-team super-conference does end up coming to fruition, which two schools are your top picks for inclusion into the Big Ten?

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