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Only Chima Okoli Until Penn State Football

Did you know that 52 is the atomic number of tellerium? Well, you do now. ONLY TELLERIUM UNTIL SYRACUSE!

It's not saying much about Chima Okoli that he's almost certainly the most distinguished Nittany Lion to ever don the 52, although I'm sure that after saying that, one of you walking Penn State history books will tell me that I'm sullying the good name of JT Podrasky or something.

Anyway, Chima's best asset was his versatility--the 2011 graduate started his career in the Blue and White as a player buried deep in the rotation at defensive tackle before finally breaking through into spot duty, but come his junior year, when the offensive line was short a man, Okoli switched sides, first backing up then winning the starting job from DeOn'Tae Pannell. In addition to holding down that position for the rest of the 2010 season, and even more ably the following year, Okoli was also a leader off the field--an elected team captain and a hard-working student who graduated with two degrees (advertising and media studies) and a 3.51 GPA.