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Only Eric Cole Until Penn State Football

Did you know Eric Cole's middle name is Claude? 51 days.

Eric Cole was an utterly forgettable, if versatile, offensive lineman who was a three-year starter for the Lions in the late 90s. An all-Big Ten second team honoree as a senior on that 1999 squad that seemed destined for greatness only to spectacularly crash and burn and send Penn State into the dark years, Cole quickly faded into obscurity. An undrafted free agent who signed with and was subsequently released by the Redskins after training camp, Cole signed on to Vince McMahon's XFL, where he was a member of the New York/New Jersey Hitmen. (Five BSD Bucks to anyone who name the Hitmen's starting QB).

Rumor has it Cole spends these days lounging in his mom's basement, asking her for meatloaf while thinking up witty comments to post on blogs. He is apparently not a foodie.

Please don't hurt me.