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BSD Mailbag 7.12.13

You've got questions, BSD has answers!

Rob Carr

Today's edition of the BSD Mailbag is fairly short since there weren't many questions since the last one. Make sure to ask away in the comments and keep Cari very busy next week.

Do you anticipate any increase in attendance this year in light of the growing optimism under BO'B or will the disgruntled stay away again? -scrlion

I'm expecting an increase in 2013 after a mostly fantastic season in year one of the BO'B era. People who were leery of what would happen to the program once Paterno was no longer running the show have learned that Penn State will continue to its tradition of giving maximum effort on each and every play while limiting mistakes and perhaps most importantly to the fanbase, win with high-character student-athletes. Understandably, many fans likely decided to take time off from being a fan after the continuous chaos and heartbreak since November 2011. Another year will see more and more fans return to Beaver Stadium.

Ultimately, attendance will depend on wins and losses. If the team is in the race to win the Leaders Division, Beaver Stadium will remain packed throughout the B10 slate. If they struggle to put together a winning season, many (fairweather) fans will find a different way to spend their Saturdays.

If Ferguson wins the starting spot and then gets injured, what would be the latest in the season the staff would be willing to burn Hack's redshirt?

Should Ferguson win the job, I would imagine the staff would do all they could to maintain Hackenberg's redshirt. If he is injured, I would expect to see Hack get the call in the first half of the season. If it comes later in the season, they may try to go with one of the other incoming quarterbacks if they trust them by that point. It all will come down to development. With no returning experience at the quarterback position, it's anyone's guess as to how things will eventually turn out. Fortunately, Penn State has the right guy at the helm to navigate this situation.

Can you recommend a good technique to keep your bellybutton dry? WorldBFat

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