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Only Jim Coates Until Penn State Football

49 is, shall we say, not a storied number in Penn State lore. I kind of wanted to cheat and take NaVorro Bowman, but then Dan threatened to fire me. I questioned whether he had hiring and firing power, and it just became this whole big thing. So, yeah, Jim Coates.

Things I know about the former Nittany Lion Jim Coates:

  1. He was a walk-on wide receiver and kick returner in the late 1980s, part of the 1986 national championship team.
  2. He was pretty good at that, averaging about 22 yards a return throughout his career.
  3. He was 5'7, 170 pounds, which, for a division 1 football player, is pretty small.
  4. He wore the number 49.
  5. He is not this Jim Coates.
  6. Or this one.
  7. Or even this one.
  8. But he is that one's dad.
  9. So that has to count for something.