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Success With Hyperlinking Is Ready to Shamrock Croke Park

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So... have you heard that Penn State will open the 2014 college football season in Dublin?

And that travel packages are available here?

I just have one question. Will I be seeing you all for tailgating outside of Croke Park?

Well alright then.

In far less fun news, #scandal. The Penn State Board of Trustees has authorized $60 million in settlement to 25 of the 30 men who claim to be Sandusky victims. I think we can all safely say that this is appropriate, and seems to have been done as quickly and efficiently as possible, so that's a first. In other news, Board President Keith Masser referred to the Freeh Report conclusions as "speculation," and told USA Today's Editorial Board that while the Trustees were implementing 115 of Freeh's recommendations, he would "let the Courts decide on a coverup." Which means that he's only a year behind me in making that statement.

Fellow Trustee Keith Eckel agreed with Masser, noting that he was "surprised that Freeh came to conclusions as far as responsibility." For their part, the Paterno Family is pleased with the statements of the Trustees. Penn Staters For Responsible Stewardship is apparently not.

Meanwhile . . . In completely unsurprising news, Matt Sandusky is going to change his name. You might recall that Matt, the adopted son of Jerry, made headlines when he agreed to testify against his adoptive father at last summer's trial. Although he never did, it probably prevented Jerry from taking the stand himself.

More reports! The preliminary report from the federal government about its investigation into potential Clery Act violations has been sent to Penn State for review. As noted by ABC News, these reports are typically kept confidential until a final draft has been certified. It could be many months (or years) before the final report is issued.

Finally, good, come on! Embattled linebacker recruit Zayd Issah was released on $2000 bail on Wednesday after being charges with aggravated assault, resisting arrest, and marijuana possession. If this holds, I wouldn't expect to see him at Penn State, pretty much ever. In striking commentary, a friend believes Zayd "may have gotten in with the wrong crowd."

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