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News From Penn State's Ireland Game Conference Call

Bill O'Brien and Dave Joyner spoke with the media this morning to discuss next year's trip to Ireland as well as other things.


Some notes from this morning's session:

  • AD Dave Joyner confirmed that plans for players were already being made for next year's trip to Ireland, even at this early stage. The team will make their way to Dublin mid-week so that the players don't lose a full week of classes [insert "culture" reference here]. Also, players who do not have passports will be getting them soon.
  • Joyner also said that even if sanctions hadn't been placed on the program, Penn State might have looked into one of these destination games. Other venues such as California and Hawaii were looked into, but were never seriously considered.
  • Speaking of sanctions, Bill O'Brien was asked about the presentation he gave at Friday's Board of Trustees meeting which focused on possibly asking the NCAA to reduce the punishment levied against the football program. He said that he that he didn't mind that news of the presentation got out and that he hoped the NCAA would see the progress that the school made and that they would "meet [Penn State] halfway".
  • Finally, O'Brien called the situation surrounding Tyler Ferguson being home with his mother, who is fighting cancer, "making a mountain out of a molehill". He reiterated that summer school and summer workouts are voluntary and that Ferguson will be back to compete with Christian Hackenberg for the starter's job once fall camp starts.

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