Sponsor Garry Gilliam in Lift for Life!

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Ok BSD Peeps, I know we all (or many of us) just shelled out money for the fabulous WE ARE! 2013 that the staff is working tirelessly to finish. But even before Maple Street Press and Kickstarter, there was always Lift for Life. It's a BSD tradition to choose a player and throw our charitable support behind him. We used to choose an incoming freshman, but they can't compete anymore. Past recipients include SOA, Evan Hailes, and Mr. Mathmeetsfootball himself, John Urschel. This year, by popular vote, we have chosen Garry Gilliam. And here's why:

Garry Gilliam has been on the team since 2009, when he redshirted as a freshman. Garry started off 2010 strong, but tore his ACL against Iowa. He sat out the rest of that season and 2011 due to an infection that delayed his surgery.

He returned in 2012 as a tight end in BO'B's stable of studs, earning the start at the "Y" position. But Penn State has other needs this year. After being granted an additional year of eligibility to return in 2013, Garry asked to switch from tight end to offensive tackle. He put in the work to bulk up for the position and we know he'll be a great OT.

Garry's enthusiasm for Penn State is boundless. He will do whatever it takes to help the team. In addition, he knows what Success with Honor is about. Once a troll on twitter said something to him about sticking with Penn State. He responded that he'll be leaving with two degrees and that's what is important. He is focused on his grades (often tweeting results) and aims for the Dean's List each semester. Every day he tweets this mantra: @Gi77iam They sleep. we grind. They dream, we shine.

At this moment,. Garry has $25 in sponsorship. His goal is $500. Let's help get him there. Lift for Life is July 12, so we have 10 days to reach the goal. You can donate here.

Let's show Garry that WE ARE PENN STATE!

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