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Roundtable: What Penn Staters Deserved To Be On The Maxwell/Bednarik Watch Lists?


As Dan loves to say, "watch lists are fucking stupid." And he's probably right. But they are gauges of what players should make the biggest impact in the coming season. Well, unless you're Silas Redd last year in which case HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Watch list's greatest contributions to sites like this are that they generate discussion among fans, so even if they don't really mean anything, they get people talking. So here's a nice roundtable for you while you're slacking off at work on Monday like everyone else. Rules are simple, and if you don't know them, I advise reading the title again. Play along in the comments. Jersey Nick (actually, really, either Nick) will give the person with the best answer a foot rub:

Jared: There are two omissions among our Nittany lions that really stood out to me. First, how was Allen Robinson left off the Maxwell watchlist?? He was flat-out unstoppable at times during his true sophomore campaign and was a major force throughout the season. Based off of some of the names included on the list, they take potential into consideration, which makes Robinson's omission even more baffling. He's had another year to work on body control, footwork, route-running, and every other intangible that moves a great receiver into the upper echelon. There's a very real possibility Robinson is among the top two or three receivers by seasons' end.

Another glaring omission is Adrian Amos not being included on the Thorpe watchlist. The hard-hitting junior will move to his more natural position, which should really help him make a name for himself. Still, Amos is likely the most underrated Nittany Lion on a national level. Let's hope 2013 is his coming-out party where everyone around the country comes to appreciate him as much as the Nittany Lion faithful.

Jersey Nick: This is the obvious choice, but how can you not name Allen Robinson? Don't get me wrong, I'm very happy to see Zwinak get his national recognition, because the average college football fan outside of State College has no idea who he is. However, Allen Robinson is clearly the most potent offensive weapon on this team. 77 catches, 1,018 yards, and a 11 touchdowns as a sophomore. His numbers turned national analysts', and defensive coordinators' heads alike. For those glass half-empty people, who say that the new quarterback will hinder his production, I say not so fast. As I spoke about earlier in the summer, I believe the offense this year will be better than last. An inexperienced QB, needs a safety blanket. And while all the tight ends on this team can provide that, A-Rob can fill that role as well. On numerous occasions, McGloin decided to simply throw the ball up in Robinson's area, and allow him to make a play. For a young QB, knowing that they have a guy who has the ability to rise up over any corner and bring the ball down, is quite a powerful weapon. Give it a few weeks into the season, and Robinson will quickly bring his name back into the Maxwell Discussion.


Just kidding. I know the obvious answer is Allen Robinson, but I'm gonna go a similar but bigger route: Kyle Carter. I know he's coming off surgery, and I know he'll split playing time at TE with some other guys (including everybody's fave, Jesse James) but he was a freshman All-American FOR A REASON:

A rookie QB needs a security blanket, and what better blanket than a huge TE with great hands who can catch balls off the freaking DB's helmet?!?

A freshman who got on multiple postseason lists shouldn't be left off watch lists the next year. Even if he has a dip in production, which I don't foresee, Carter will be putting up numbers in BOB's offense, and I expect to see his name on postseason lists again in 2013.

Dan: Watch lists are fucking stupid.

Bill: I think that Adrian Amos and/or Glenn Carson not being on the Bednarik Watch List is remarkably dumb. Like, so dumb that even a branch campus failure like myself questions it. Starting with Carson: he's going to be anchoring the defense, and even though some people overrate him a little bit, he's a very good (possibly a great) linebacker. People don't recognize this because he was overshadowed by Mauti and Hodges last year, but Carson had 85 tackles last year. The guy's good. Really good.

As for Amos, he's a defensive back who is versatile to play corner or safety, will cover the other team's best guy and is an asset in run support. Sure, he has games where he isn't…well…good (like last year against Northwestern), but after Ohio State's Bradley Roby, Amos is arguably the best DB in the Big Ten.

Oh, and Allen Robinson is one of the 10 best wide receivers in America and should be on the Maxwell Watch List but we all know that.

Ben: Penn Staters have won the Maxwell Award seven times, tied with the stinking Domers for most by any University. Penn State's last three Maxwell Winners were: LJ, 2002; Kerry Collins, 1994; and Chuck Fusina, 1978. Nothing against Zach, but I don't see him going for 2,000 yards this season. I don't see Hoss or Hack going '94-Collins on us, as nice as that would be to imagine. And since 9 of the previous 10 winners overall have been quarterbacks, I'm not holding my breath for Allen Robinson, John Urschel, Kyle Carter, Bill Belton, or Geno Lewis.

Penn Staters have won the Bednarik a record 4 times, though it's only been around since 1995. LaVar, Poz x2, and Switchblade are your past winners. We don't appear to have anyone like those three guys on this year's team, either.

But that's okay. Actually, it would make it all that much sweeter should Adrian Amos break Neal Smith's single season record for interceptions in 2013, with 9 picks; while he also ties for the team lead in sacks, with 12; and as he sets the school record for defensive touchdowns in a single season, with 6; while leading the team in tackles and tackles for loss - as the 2013 Nittany Lions complete a perfect 12-0 season.

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