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Success with Hyperlinking is Putting Out Some Feelers

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Jonathan Daniel

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Well then. That's Dr. Jon Nese, a meteorology professor at Penn State, offering up the first hint as to what life after football might look like for Jay Paterno. Apparently I'm the only one who was unaware of this, but Jay is an active Democrat who campaigned for President Obama in both elections and even had a blog on Barry's website (which is no longer active--thanks Obama). The BSD archives have something relevant to say, as always (look for Jared's BSD debut in the comments!).

Of course, this is still purely speculative. Jay hasn't announced any sort of intent yet, plus incumbent Glenn Thompson has put the stomp down on his opponent in three straight elections--he probably has a pretty firm grip on that seat of his. So this might just be nothing (And please, if you're discussing Jay in the comments, keep it civil. Don't make me use this).

How long until we can throw proper shade on other teams again? If you somehow missed it yesterday, a couple of Ohio State kids had run-ins (runs-in?) with the long arm of the law over the weekend, or in running back Carlos Hyde's case, the daughter's face of the law (allegedly). It was originally reported that Hyde, the team's second leading rusher behind Braxton Miller, would be dismissed from the team following his arrest, but it appears as though Urban Meyer will merely suspend him until further details emerge. Cornerback Bradley Roby was also arrested in a separate incident in Bloomington, Indiana, of all places, and an announcement regarding his punishment is sure to follow. As usual, LGHL has more on how these troubles will affect the Buckeyes come September.

This week, in "why aren't we paying these guys, exactly?" Redshirt sophomore/freight train impersonator Deion Barnes took to Tweeter to voice his concerns over the NCAA's amateurism policies, and the Sporting News did us all a favor and compiled the sentiments in one spot. It's becoming harder and harder to side with the NCAA on this issue, what with the O'Bannon suit coming to a head and the NCAA bailing on the video game that bears its namesake.

Eurotrip, Act 3: Penn State hoops legend Talor Battle is on the move again. On Friday it was announced the school's all-time leading scorer signed a professional contract to play in his third European country, this time putting pen to paper on a one-year deal (with a second year option) with Belgian outfit Belfius Mons-Hainaut. Battle has been doing well across the pond, averaging 17.5 points and 4.3 assists per game in Italy's second division last season. Somewhat surprisingly, he didn't make an appearance in this year's NBA Summer League alongside former teammate Jeff Brooks, who suited up for the Washington Wizards in the Orlando theater.

Lightning round: Penn State has its new softball coach: Amanda Lehotak, formerly of UTSA. Her career managerial record? 188-206. Make of that what you will.....Over at Lions 247, Jeff Rice has an update from the hoopyballers' second European practice session. Unsolicited analysis: I really like what I'm reading about Donovon Jack.....USA #1 all the way, even if you're half-Norwegian (#MixOnTheBackOfHisJersey). By the way, USMNT-Honduras, Wednesday 7pm ET.....Today is a sad day in the world of State College fast food.

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